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Do you experience a crackling sound within your ear when you yawn or swallow food? Does it make you scared that something is not quite right? A crackling sound coming from your ears, either one or both of them, is common when the pressure within your ear is not in tune with pressure in the surrounding atmosphere. This type of problem is the most common dysfunction of the Eustachian tube. So, read on to find out just why a Eustachian tube malfunction will lead to annoying crackling in the ears!

The ear is a very important organ within your body. It is not just responsible for hearing but also for pressure within the ear and your balance. If you are experiencing a clicking sound within your ears then this symptom confirms an abnormality in the normal pressure levels. Firstly let’s discover the cause of the popping sounds in your ears.

The Eustachian tube connects the throat and ears, and is an integral part of your hearing. It maintains balance by equalizing the atmospheric pressure with the pressure levels found in the ears. Whenever a difference in pressure occurs, the tube will open to release any inbuilt pressure. This will happen frequently when climbing high altitudes or traveling by plane or deep sea diving, where your ears are exposed to very high decibel levels.

An indication of an anomaly with the pressure is the crackling sound you experience in your ears. Concern should therefore be raised if the crackling occurs under what would be considered normal circumstances, or when the crackling is occurring a lot. The Eustachian tube is malfunctioning here as it is closed when it should open to release and equalize pressure. One reason this may occur is when the tube is blocked with mucus. This leads to an abnormally high pressure in the ear that will then be released when you swallow, snap, or yawn. A temporary hearing loss may also be suffered as the high ear pressure will cause stiffness in the tympanic membrane. This results in sounds being muffled, as there is a continuing movement of mucus within the middle ear.

Hear are some remedies that deal with clogged ears and crackling sounds.

Clean your ears – Just like your eyes, you need to clean your ears regularly. You can remove extra wax from within the ear with an ear wash or with cotton buds. If you ignore an accumulation of earwax, it will become impacted and can lead to a painful dysfunction of the Eustachian tube.

Exercise your jaw – When you experience crackling in the ears on yawning, it can quickly become very irritating. This will happen when there is swelling in or near to the ear canal. Don’t panic! Open your mouth and jaw as wide as you can, stretching the tube and releasing the pressure that has built up.

Use therapeutic massage oils – Mullein flower oil and other therapeutic massage oils are often used in the cutting of respiratory and ear problems. Apply mullein oil, mixed with olive oil directly on to the ear. Then plug up your ear with cotton.

Eat healthily – Obvious, but far too often ignored! Make sure that you eat a healthy diet, including vitamin supplements where necessary. A vitamin B complex supplement is good for sound and healthy ears. It is also commonly believed that there is an association between a mineral deficiency such as manganese and hearing disorders.

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